After Being Stood Up

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Now before you read this you need to read my post about Being Stood Up..

So I would like to now talk about after being stood up when the guy finally comes. After you have been stood up you feel shitty. You have taken your makeup off and and changed your clothes and you’re kinda sad. You don’t feel like doing anything now. You have been staring at a clock for an hour and you’re tired. You have prepared your mind that you are no longer going out and you wanna crawl into bed with some chocolate.

But what if the guy isn’t a total asshole.. What if he ends up showing up. Maybe some shitty stuff just happened with him and he kind of didn’t totally stand you up, maybe he’s just kinda like an hour late. What if he texts you and apologizes and says he would like to go out now.. First I guess you are happy and glad he’s not a total asshole. But then you freak out.. You are no longer ready. You took off your makeup, you changed your clothes. You cried a little. You can’t go out now. What are you supposed to do…

Yeah.. This just happened to me. After he stood me up, an hour and a half after we were supposed to video chat he showed up and apologized and said he wanted to video chat now. I said no. Of course I said no. I couldn’t do it now. Girls if a guy stands you up and then shows up later, just say no. It’s ok to say no. You gotta make new plans. You’re too emotional to do it right after all that craziness happened. It is not a diss to the guy. You are just no longer ready to do anything.

But now there’s a new problem. Making new plans. This might just be me, but after being stood up by a guy it is hard to make new plans with him. Cause you’re scared. You don’t wanna go through that again, it wasn’t fun. Even if he’s a good guy, even if it was an honest mistake, it’s hard to make new plans. You feel a little betrayed and you don’t know what to do. The guy is nice but you are scared of having that shittyness happen again.

What if my guy tries to make a video chat date again soon. I kinda just wanna say no. Not because I am mad at him or anything. But I just don’t wanna get ready again. And stare at the clock again and possibly have this happen again. It took a lot of emotional energy from me and I don’t wanna do it again. So would I do? If I say I don’t wanna make another video chat date for a bit, he’s gonna be sad and he’s gonna be offended. But I am sad too. I don’t wanna keep feeling those shitty feelings. If you read my first post you know it already happened twice. And it’s ok man, shit happens. But I still just would rather not have shit happen again so just not making another date for now would make sure shit doesn’t happen. But I don’t wanna offend him by not wanting to make another date.. Oh gosh. Life man, grr.

So I don’t know what to do. Would you make another date and just feel super anxious and hope it turns out ok, and get all ready again. Or would you hold off for a bit even though it’ll make him sad, when you don’t wanna make him sad cause he didn’t mean for any of this to happen in the first place.. Would you be able to make another date right away with someone who stood you up? Or would you just need to wait awhile to feel ok about it again?

-Emily Grace (eroxursox)

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