Being Stood Up..

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So I got stood up. If that’s even what you call it. I had this video chat date with this guy and I got stood up. He didn’t mean to. You know, life happens. And.. it kinda happened twice. the first time we didn’t have a set time or anything so it was kinda different. But the second time I was totally stood up.

So I am talking to this guy. And he is great and we wanted to video chat. We have done it before but it was awhile ago and it was pretty short. So we wanted to try again. The first time we just said we were gonna do it at some point that day. So I put on some makeup and nice clothes and just chilled. Then some life stuff happened on his end and we didn’t end up video chatting. Which was fine. I totally understand, it’s not a big deal.

So then he wanted to try again to make up for the other day. So he said we’ll video chat at 8pm. So I am just having my normal day and at about 6pm he goes out to get some stuff. So at like 7pm I put on my makeup and some nice clothes and wait. Then it’s 8pm and he isn’t back home yet. So I just keep chilling and wait. Then it’s 9pm. So I guess it’s not gonna happen. He finally gets back and explains and some stupid life stuff had happened again. Which I understand. Sometimes life is an asshole and we can’t do anything about it. So I am not mad at him or anything. I understand that things don’t always go the way you plan them too. But it still sucks you know.

Being stood up.. It’s kinda like being cancelled on but not. When us girls have plans we prepare for them. We put on our makeup and our clothes well in advance and we wait all excited and nervous. And when you get cancelled on it sucks. You are disappointed and you now have to sadly take off your makeup and change into comfy clothes and sadly watch some TV. But then after a bit it’s ok cause your happy to be all lazy again and chill out.

But when you’re stood up it’s kinda different. You’re still all ready with your makeup, clothes and anticipation. But now you’re just sitting looking at the clock, wondering what’s up. The time comes when he should be there but he’s not. And you’re confused but just guessing that he’s late. Then it’s 15 minutes later and 30 minutes later and you’re slowly losing hope, thinking he is not coming. But you are not sure yet cause he could still just be late. So you check your makeup and keep waiting. Then he is an hour late and you have decided he is not coming. But if you are like me you don’t wanna take off your makeup or anything yet just in case. So you decide to watch TV and chill a little but not totally. OK, then it is and hour and a half after he was supposed to come. Now you are just fed up. You take off your makeup, change your clothes, sit down and feel confused and annoyed. Then you watch TV and try to chill but it’s hard.

So being cancelled on is definitely better then being stood up, but both still suck. Then even if the guy has an amazing reason for standing you up you are still sad. It’s not that you are mad or sad at him or anything cause you get it. But you are just sad in general, cause being stood up is kinda an emotional experience. So no matter what you can’t help but be somewhat upset.

Later after he stood me up and he was back we were talking and everything was fine. He’s great, he felt bad and apologized. But you know, I just still felt kind of off. Cause the waiting and not knowing what was going on, and wasting makeup is just not very nice. He asked me what was wrong but I couldn’t even tell him. Cause I don’t want him to feel bad, life happens, it’s okay. But I am still gonna be sad cause of the confusion I went through. I don’t wanna tell him it upset me, cause he didn’t mean for it to happen.

But just as he is human for accidentally standing me up, I am human for being sad about it no matter how good the reason is. It’s just life, and it sucks sometimes. But it’s okay.

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-Emily Grace (eroxursox)

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