First Job Interview

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Ok so heyyy….. Second blog post, exciting. Lol. So I am getting a job for the first time ever. I have never had a job because I have really, really bad anxiety issues which really stop me from doing things. But recently life has kinda kicked me in the butt and I need to get a job. The other day my mom and I went around town giving my resume to random business’. Now man, if you knew me you would be so epically impressed with how I gave out my resume. I didn’t end up crying and hyperventilating in the car. I went in and talked to people and did what I needed to do. I am still amazed at myself. So go me!

And now, after handing out like 11 resumes I have a call for an interview. Now if I can barely hand out resumes, how in the freaking world am I supposed to go in for an interview. Like oh my gosh. I can’t believe this is happening. I have to go in and be nice and talk to some person about how I’d be good for this job. I don’t know how or if I will be good for this job. But I am going to try. Somebody needs to like pray for me or something. Because I can’t burst into tears in the middle of my interview, I think that would be a bad first impression.

So this interview is at a hotel, to be a housekeeper. Now yes I know that’s a little bit of a weird job to apply for. But come one guys, I need a job. And I am a horrible people person, so the front desk would be a horrible idea. And like I know how to clean. And I know that being a housekeeper is much different then just cleaning your living room at home, I’m not stupid. I know I’ll have to clean toilets and people puke. But honestly, to me that’s better then talking to annoying customers all day.

So yes, I will be going to my first ever job interview. Ok, the goals of this interview are to… 1. Be nice and not picture punching anybody in the face. 2. Not burst into tears in the middle of the interview. 3. Not burst into tears on my walk to the hotel for the interview. 4. Not swear. 5. Not tell her that I kinda think I might not be good at this job. And I guess six would be…. 6. Get the job. Lol. Cause man I need a job.

For you to fully understand what I am going through with this you would really need to understand my anxiety issues better. I will do a blog post about that. I think a lot of people could relate to it and I am sure I have some funny anecdotes about it. And sorry this is kinda another boring blog post. But I promise I can be more interesting. Lol. But please wish me luck on this horrible interview, and hope I don’t have multiple panic attacks. Lol. Ttyl.

-Emily Grace (eroxursox)

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