It’s Not That Messy

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So as you may or may not know I am currently a housekeeper at a hotel. I have only been working at this place for over a week. But I have noticed something that surprised me.

I have always thought that housekeepers are use to messes. That they would walk into a bathroom with diarrhea everywhere and just be like, “oh, this is no big deal, I’ve dealt with worse.” But they don’t seem to actually be like that at all.  My coworkers seem to be easily upset by messes. I am not at all dissing them, I am just surprised by this. I am thinking that maybe they are very clean people at home and not used to big messes. And maybe hotels don’t get as gross as I think so the big messes that happen are unusual. For me though I am just not so bothered by the messes that seem to bother the others.

The other day me and my coworker went into a hotel room that smelled very bad. It smelled like ass and rotten fish. It was not a nice smell. The coworker I was with was so, so bothered by the smell. She was holding her breath and running out of the room for fresh air. I didn’t understand this. I did not find the smell to be that bad at all. Yeah, it was a bad smell, but not at all bad enough for me to hold my breath. I have went into the bathroom after my brother or his friends have pooped in there, now that smells bad. I just don’t understand her huge problem with the smell. After being in there for 5 minutes I couldn’t even smell it anymore.

Then another day a different coworker told me to come see the meeting room and a bathroom cause they were so messy. I was so confused when I walked into those rooms. She had a disgusted look on her face and she was saying the people who used it were such slobs. And I was just thinking, “what, this is not that messy at all.” The bathroom was normal public bathroom messiness. There was garbage on the floor, but other then that it just looked like an average messy bathroom to me. My idea of a very messy bathroom would be an overflowing toilet with poo all over the toilet and mud in the sink. Not some trash on the floor. Then the meeting room just looked used. The biggest thing was it just needed a really good vacuuming. There were crumbs and such all over the floor. But it was not that bad.

I was surprised by all this. Maybe I have an unusually high tolerance for messiness. Maybe I am a really messy person so I don’t get bothered by messes. I don’t know. I think maybe this is good though, I am sure having a high tolerance for messiness would come in handy for this job. But also it could make me not feel the need to clean super good, which then would be bad. But the messes that they called big, I didn’t find to be big. Maybe I could be the person who cleans the messier things so the others don’t have to. I am ok with that. I like to help and if a mess really bothered someone I would be happy to do it for them. Especially cause apparently the messier messes don’t seem that messy to me.

Also I would like to add, I am not the nicest person ever. I had such a hard time not being like, “dude, this room is not that messy.” But I am at work and I need to be nice and make friends so I just agreed that things were very messy. But I still don’t understand. Someone explain why it’s not that messy to me..

-Emily Grace (eroxursox)

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