“A word after a word after a word is power.” – Margaret Atwood



I Did The Laundry

So I did the laundry today and I was annoyed that my boyfriend wasn't helping. But then I thought, I kind of don't want him to help with this too much ...
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Sad: Culture Shock

July 23 I'm feel off right now guys. I don't know why. Nothing is wrong, technically. And I am not pmsing. I just feel off. I don't feel sad or ...
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New Town, Job, Life

Hii.. I haven't posted in a long time.. I have been very busy.. Very busy life-ing. I haven't been busy like this ever in my life. I have people to ...
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My Hair Stages

I don't have much words right now.. So look at the history of my horrible and good hair choices. I'm gonna see if I can find all the pictures of ...
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Hi.. I am moving! It is exciting and not exciting. It is basically June now and I am moving for July 1st. So I have one month. I need to ...
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2014 Anxiety Issues

So before I had this blog, like a long time ago I had another blog that I wrote on sometimes in high school. There are some decent posts on there ...
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Promise Rings

I love promise rings!! I know some people just think it's a stupid, unneeded step in a relationship. And for some people maybe it is. But if you haven't noticed ...
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Your Girls’ Period

Guys don't understand how horrible our period is. Some girls don't even understand, cause some girls periods are way worse then others. But my period sucks. I am not one ...
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Should I Move?

So I cannot stop thinking about this. Should I move? Right now I live in a small town where my grandparents and cousins are. It's the town I lived in ...
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Ranting.. I Care

You can't just ignore me. You can't tell me you're feeling like shit and then never reply. I'm worried about you. I care about you. When you ignore me all ...
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