“A word after a word after a word is power.” – Margaret Atwood



Pale Is Pretty Too

So I remember this one year at camp where I was afraid to wear shorts because my legs were so freaking white and pale. I don't go out tanning and ...
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Bleeding Out of My Vagina

Ok so to start this, this is gonna be a very crude post. I am warning you now, so if you think you won't like this please click away. I ...
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Words ≠ Actions

You cannot say you miss me and then not talk to me for two days. I am so sick of having guys say they miss me and then putting no ...
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I Need Someone Who…

So I definitely have had experience with boys. Less experience then some, and more experience then some. I have had only one and a half boyfriends (long story with the ...
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Housekeepers Are People?

Ok first of all this post is gonna be kinda weird. Just try to understand where I am coming from and don't judge me. I am sure you guys have ...
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Single For Now

Is anyone else like really happy to be single? Like I am so glad I am single right now. Being in a relationship is so much work and so much ...
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It’s Not That Messy

So as you may or may not know I am currently a housekeeper at a hotel. I have only been working at this place for over a week. But I ...
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My First Boyfriend

So recently I have been thinking about all the boys I have been involved with since my first boyfriend. And how all those boys have kinda massively sucked. Then I ...
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Fourth Day of Work

Sooooo.. Today was the fourth day of work... Today was a very weird day. It was very bad, then it was very good. Ahhhhh, weird day! So this morning before ...
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I Got A Job..?

I just got a job..? I just got a job.. What?! I am now a housekeeper, a hotel hired me. On one hand I am like why did you hire ...
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