Rant: Love & Abuse?

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Warning: Bad Language and Lots of Anger..

What’s it like to stick up for yourself? What’s it like to not be pushed around? What’s it like to say fuck you to the person treating you like shit? I don’t know. I didn’t know. I’m starting to know.

I’m silent when I’m being bullied. I sit there and breathe calmly and take it. I thought that’s what your supposed to do. You should be a good girl and avoid conflict and just take it. Take the disrespect, take being called a bitch when he’s half asleep and you need him to fucking roll over so you don’t fall off the bed.

Fuck this. Fuck being pushed around and fuck you. I don’t know how I learned this terrible way of dealing with being bullied. But it’s dumb and it’s no more. You call me a bitch, I call you a douche bag. Everyone can fuck off of me cause I have had enough of this.

And what’s fucking love.. What’s this shit where someone loves you and disrespects you.

What’s abuse? If you feel bullied by your significant other is that abuse? I always thought of abuse as being physically abused. I know the world has come to now realize that there are so many other kinds of abuse. But I learned something. Just cause the world understand physiological abuse and emotional abuse. Doesn’t mean the person in that situation understands it.

When something like that happens to someone else I see it as abuse. But when it happens to you, it is so much different. I felt bullied, that’s how I describe it. Just like how I said it above. But I guess if you feel bullied by a significant other that would be abuse.

And everyone can fuck off me, hey if you’re reading this fuck off me. Leave me alone. Don’t you dare comment on this and call me a cheating bitch again. You fucking asshole. I loved you. So fucking much. You need to learn how to love someone, cause you do not know how. I hope you find someone else but before that, learn how to love them or the same thing is going to happen again. LEARN FUCKING RESPECT.

And yeah I am saying all of this in anger. But I think I deserve it. I think I deserve to fucking be angry. I deserve to stick up for myself. I deserve to be treated well and loved well. And if you can’t do that get away from me. I am no longer an easy girlfriend, ok.

Us girls are so afraid of being high maintenance cause we hear about how much people hate high maintenance girls. Yeah there are those crazy chicks who are high maintenance. But there’s another kind too. A girl who knows what she deserves and what she doesn’t.

So if you wanna bully me, if you wanna be a douche bag. I am going to call you one and walk the fuck away. Thank you for teaching me this. Now screw you.

– Emily Grace | eroxursox

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