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So.. I am removing certain social media platforms from my website. I find it very annoying to post on all the social media sites. I used to think it was important, but life is short and it’s annoying so I am going to stop doing it.

So on my personal social media I am only going to post on Instagram and Facebook. Twitter isn’t really much of a place to just post selfies so sharing them from Instagram to Twitter is just not even helpful. All it does is show a link to go to Instagram so I am just going to stop doing it. Then Tumblr is ok for posting selfies but I am not into Tumblr and I don’t get much attention on it anyway so whatever. I can still leave my Pinterest link on there. I don’t share my selfies on there but I share other things that some people might say are even more interesting then selfies. So it is just going to be Insta, Facebook and Pinterest for my personals.

Then for Emily Grace Quotes social media I am just going to post on Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram. I do not like Twitter very much, it just isn’t my thing and it isn’t the ideal place to post quotes anyway. Then Tumblr is a good place to post quotes but I just don’t like Tumblr and posting on there just takes extra effort and again I am saying life is short. I am just keeping Facebook cause it is easy to post on and I do get some attention on there. Instagram is annoying for me to post my quotes on but I get the most attention on there. Then Pinterest is just a great place for quotes so I have to.

For Emily Grace Blog it is going to be a little different, I am going to keep Twitter, Facebook and Insta. I have said I do not like Twitter but I think it is a good platform for blog post updates so I should keep it. Then Tumblr is out again because blah. Then Facebook is also a good place for blog post updates and Instagram also. This time I am going to get rid of Pinterest because I don’t know if it is a good place to post blog posts, it doesn’t seem like the best place so bye bye.

I know this may be a boring post but I thought I would just mention that I am doing this and why. I want to start posting on Emily Grace Quotes again but I hate having to share them on all those sites so I thought this would stop me from procrastinating it. It is better to post with less social media then to not post at all, you know.

When I started this I felt like it was my duty to post on all the social media outlets. I felt like I needed to, to get attention, but it isn’t getting me attention and I find it annoying. When I was in college learning about internet stuff I always talked about the importance of social media so I felt like a hypocrite not posting on all the social medias I could. But I am done with that. If I don’t enjoy doing it then I should not do it. I just wanna feel not stressed by these little things. And yes I know it may seem dumb to be stressed by posting on a couple extra social medias. But leave me alone. I just want to make things more simple.

So Hi Simple, I am excited to meet you. I want to learn to have you in my life more. So bye to extra things that I don’t need. (:

– Emily Grace | eroxursox

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  • Chandra
    3 years ago

    Someone once said to me. Keep it simple stupid. I hate that. But it’s true. Simple is better as long it’s true. Proud of you for getting through the clutter and choosing what is best for you not for the crowd. Well done!

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