Single For Now

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Is anyone else like really happy to be single? Like I am so glad I am single right now. Being in a relationship is so much work and so much drama. Which I cannot handle right now. I have so much new and scary stuff going on in my life right now I am kinda glad I only have to worry about me and not another person too.

Don’t get me wrong I would love someone to talk to and cuddle with and all that stuff. But that’s not the only thing you get in relationships. In relationships you have to worry about someone other then yourself. Which is good, but right now I am just glad I don’t have to. And in relationships, no matter how good your relationship is you get into fights. There are always some issues in relationships. Especially for me at this age cause everyone is so immature. And I just can’t deal with fights and issues right now. I am so, so emotionally unstable and when anything the least bit not happy happens I get very upset. The other day my mom was trying to send me some cool photos through email and the email wasn’t coming through and I was sad I couldn’t see the photos at that moment and she was also sad I couldn’t see the photos at that moment. And that whole situation actually made me pretty upset, which is insane. See, I am fudged up right now. All I can think about is how I cannot handle that drama at the moment.

Though on the other hand I would loooove a wonderful boyfriend. Someone to hug and talk to and talk about and hang out with and all the wonderful things. But it is just never that simple. First of all finding that wonderful boyfriend is very hard. Wonderful boyfriends are hard to find. So if I had a boyfriend right now I think it would be a shitty boyfriend. Which would be a nightmare. Having a shitty boyfriend is the worst. Being in a relationship with an wonderful person is still hard. But then being in a relationship with a shitty person is like an endless roller coaster that kinda just makes you wanna die. And I would know cause my last boyfriend was super shitty, we only dated for 2 months and then he just stopped talking to me. Lol. So no thank you, I don’t need that right now. I am so glad I am single.

In the future though when I am not so fudged up I would loooove a boyfriend. But a good boyfriend. I am officially patient and willing to wait and wait, cause I do not need another shitty boyfriend. I know I am young so maybe my next boyfriend still won’t be the guy I marry. But you know what, you never know. So I am going to try my best to be picky and find someone not shitty. Someone who I am willing to go through the extra drama for. Because I do not do drama. You gotta be pretty special for me to let you add drama to my life. Lol. And I know some people could say that not all relationships are drama. But I do not believe you, you would have to freaking prove that hardcore to me. Because when you are sharing your life with another human being there is going to be some drama. Like man just sharing my life with myself there is drama. Like gosh can we just like kill the drama. Except killing something is basically drama in and of itself, so we’re screwed.

So I am just happy being single for now. Hoping some magical dude will come along sometime. But for now I am good. I will just cuddle with my blankets, which works quite well if you’re wondering.

-Emily Grace (eroxursox)

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