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So I am going to talk about something I would not normally talk about. But I have the guts to talk about right now because I am tipsy. I like being tipsy. I feel more chill and happy and calm and energetic. You will understand that if you have experience with the tipsy-ness.

I like alcohol. I have sometimes lately been having a cooler at night to just calm me down and then help me sleep. And I love it. I feel like I shouldn’t love it. There are many people in my life who would find having a cooler at night to relax is bad. But then there are many people who would think it is no big deal.

My friend and I have always said that I have a large chance of becoming an alcoholic if I am not careful. Because of my anxiety problems that alcohol just makes disappear. But I think anyone has a chance of becoming an alcoholic. Because everyone is scared and everyone has anxiety and alcohol takes it away.

I have always needed to be completely in control of what I am doing at all times so I don’t embarrass myself. But alcohol makes me not want to be in control. It lets me just go with the flow in a way I never have before. Yes that can be in a bad way too. Like you go along with something you shouldn’t. But you don’t have to be that drunk. There are different levels.

Like right now I am just tipsy, not drunk yet. And I like that before bed because It makes me feel emotionally calm and physically calm. Mostly just cause I am alone right now though. If I was with someone who could be upsetting me then I may not feel so emotionally calm. And then there is being drunk enough that you can have fun and be chill but not be a complete idiot. If you are careful and smart you can get a good amount of drunk where you are smart enough not to drive home and then still sober enough to walk home without falling into a bush.

I feel like I shouldn’t like drinking. I have been brought up to not like drinking. And there is always that part where I have to be careful to not drink too much and become an alcoholic. But you know what, screw people who make me feel bad about this. I do not drink everyday. I don’t even drink every month. But sometimes I do and sometimes I like it and that is fine as long as I am careful and safe.

Don’t drive and don’t be with people you can’t trust and don’t get too drunk that you can’t think at all. There is a healthy way to enjoy drinking. And I for now at least have found that healthy way and I am enjoying it. So yeah I like drinking. No I do not always do it. And yes I can have fun without it. But I can also have fun with it and that’s ok.

So I am going to get my tipsy self off to bed now and have a good sleep. Cause I fall alseep better usually when I am kind of tipsy. 😛

– Emily Grace | eroxursox

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