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Hi! I said I was going to post more and here I am! I moved! And my house is clean! And I’m sick.. So I got into my new place, it is small but beautiful. I feel so free, like I can control everything in my life now. I can keep it clean, which I have. And save up to get nice furniture for my future life. We are gonna figure everything out. Me and God and the universe are gonna get life going again.

Issue of the week, I could not get my couch down into my bat cave so I was without a couch for a week. I was sitting on a box against the wall. Home made couch idea! #livingthebrokelife. But I do have a couch now, or not a couch, a love seat.. I did not realize how small love seats are. They really can only fit two people, like really. And they are hard to lay down on.. But at least it’s not a box and it was only $50, which is all I had.

I cleaned up today. The place wasn’t messy yet but it was at that stage where if I leave it then it could get messy. So I cleaned. I cleaned the bathroom cause I have learned you need to clean the bathroom. Hair sticks to the shower and toilet and it is gross. So that’s clean now, a lazy version of clean aka not perfectly clean but clean. And I tidied everywhere else up, like my clothes and counter. And I vacuumed, I learned you also need to vacuum a lot, lots of things get on the floor really fast.

I am also sick, which sucks. And I am on my period. Whenever I get sick it is always when I am on my period. Like I have a good immune system but it disappears on my period. Trying to take vitamins and sleep so I can get better quick cause I do not have time to be sick man. I have been sweating like a pig at work and it is disgusting.

So I have a busy day today. Gonna get paid a little bit to clean my boyfriends bathroom because he doesn’t want to and I need money. And yes you might think, yuck but I clean strangers bathrooms for a living so it is not weird for me. Also I used to live there so I have cleaned their bathroom many times. Then I am going to my moms house with my friend to mow the lawn and have supper and mow the lawn some more. Then I have to go to bed and go to work at 6 am tomorrow. Stupid 6 am.

Hoping to write something more interesting and/or relatable next time but I just wanted to post something instead of leaving it at nothing again. And I know I have not posted pictures of my new place online yet, be patient. So here is my not well thought out and not very interesting post, but come on it is better then nothing. I think..

– Emily Grace | eroxursox

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