And Now I’m Sick..

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I’m soooooo sick, like soooo sick. Guyz, this is not fun. I have a stomach flu I think, and I’m puking and never-endingly moaning in pain. These stomach cramps are sooooo painful, so painful. I am not having fun, I’m alone and I have stuff I need to do and blahh.

You know when you’re in school and living with your parents and you get sick, it’s a blast. You get to stay home from school and watch TV all day. Your meals are brought to you. And even if you suckishly puke, there’s someone there to hug you and clean it up if you made a disgusting mess. I loved being sick when I was younger. It’s the time of no worries, where the only thing you have to do is lay there. Yes it hurts, but it’s also awesome. And if there was anything you had to do and now have to cancel your parent will make all the calls for you.

Being sick when you’re old and moved out….. NOT fun. It’s horrible, there is literally nothing good about it at all. I am sick right now. I have no one to help me. When I need a glass of water but am too dizzy to get it, I’m just screwed cause there’s no one else to get it for me. Yesterday I puked and missed the bucket a bit and got some puke on my bed. I just puked, I’m in pain, I feel horrible and dizzy, and now I have to get up and change my bed sheets. What?! Like it’s the literal worst. When I am hungry… Too bad, there’s no one to make food for me, and I can’t make it myself cause I’d puke if I stood up. So no food for the sick person. And watching TV all day isn’t even fun cause I know there are a million other things I need to do that won’t get done for me.

Also….. If you have read my other blog posts you know about the interviews I had lined up. Well guess what? I had to cancel (reschedule) those interviews cause I am so sick I cannot stand. Ahh!! Like that’s a horrible first impression, these people won’t wanna hire me. I hope they are more understanding than I am to myself about this. And guess who had to call both the people to tell them I’m sick.. Me obviously, cause there’s no mama now who’s gonna help me with that. (And also now that I’m an adult I don’t think they would be a fan of my mommy calling in sick for me. Lol). It was so horrible, I hope they let me reschedule, cause I know they are not gonna be impressed by this at all.

And if you want me to keep going, there are so many more horrible things about being sick. Oh my gosh.. Going to the bathroom. When you are laying in bed and all of a sudden you know you have to pee. And you just think, shit.. I gotta get up. So you get out of your warm covers, sit up…. And all of a sudden, head rush! You feel so dizzy you swear you’re gonna puke, and you’re so mad at your stupid bladder for making you need to pee. So then you stand up and start walking and you grab everything around you to stabilize your body cause you think you’re gonna fall over. Then finally you get to the toilet and sit down and you feel a little relieved cause sitting is better then standing. But then as you sit there feeling like shit you just think.. If I had to puke right now I would be in so much trouble cause I’m sitting on the thing I need to puke into! Oh the joys of being sick (sarcasm).

So that’s what’s going on with me right now. Hope you’re doing better. Wish me luck of getting those interviews rescheduled. And… shoot… I have to pee…

-Emily Grace (eroxursox)

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