Bleeding Out of My Vagina

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Ok so to start this, this is gonna be a very crude post. I am warning you now, so if you think you won’t like this please click away.

I hate how many people act about girls talking about their period. It is like a taboo subject that people aren’t supposed to talk about. I hate that. Once a month my vagina oozes out blood for a week, and it freaking sucks. And I feel that me and anyone else who wants to should be able to talk about it and not have people look at us weird. It is completely natural, it is evil but natural. Every girl in the world has their period so I can’t believe people are still so awkward with it. Like can’t we move past that yet.

Last month I wrote on Instagram that I had my period. I didn’t even say anything vulgar, I just said I had my period. And another girl commented on that saying that no one needs to know that. First I was just surprised that came from a girl cause I normally hear that stuff from guys. But I so disagree with her. I think people do need to know that, I think another girl could read and be like, “oh I have my period too.” And I love that. People like not feeling alone and me talking about my period could make other girls feel less alone with their period.

I am a very vulgar person. So I do talk about my period in a way that most people don’t like. So I am not saying people need to talk about it like me and say they’re oozing blood out their vajayjay. But I do think people should be able to talk about it in a nice, not getting judged way. People need to get over their problems with periods. Yes it is gross, but it’s not my fault it’s gross. It happens to me and I have no control.

I hate it when people say it’s gross though. I know it is gross, I am not stupid. But someone just saying to you, “gross!” Makes you feel like shit. It’s like they are calling you gross and it’s rude and an unneeded comment. Yes it’s gross, we all know, so you don’t gotta say it. And you know what, it’s gross for me. Not for you. You don’t have to change my pad, you don’t have to pull a bloody cotton ball out of me. It’s gross for me, not for you. People say, “gross,” like you are bothering them by mentioning it. It bothers me! But I can’t do anything about it. It’s happening to me! You should just be listening to me silently thanking God that you aren’t bleeding out of your private part.

Also people have made it now like girls should be totally fine when they have their period. People make it seem like women shouldn’t be upset by it, they shouldn’t be in pain. Like it is normal, girls stop freaking out about it. Well screw you. It may be normal but it sucks ass. And it will never stop sucking ass. We are bleeding out of our private area for days. It hurts, it’s uncomfortable and it gives us shitty hormones that make us feel a little crazy. We are not fine when we are on our period. I don’t want people to be like, “oh poor you.” But I think they need to be aware that we need a little sensitivity because it’s like we are sick. We need some hugs sometimes, and someone to make us supper, and a day off work sometimes if it is possible. Having our period is hard. It’s hard. We feel gross inside and out and we can’t do squat about it. We need some extra love.

Also I would like to add though to some of the girls out there. Yes, having our period is hard and sucks ass. But it does not give us an excuse to be an asshole. Some girls think they can be bitchy during their period cause they are in pain. I am sorry you are in pain, I feel your pain. But you still gotta try to be nice. There are extra hormones in us that make us a little weird on our period. But honestly we need to fight against that a little. If someone is purposely being insensitive to you then yeah, pop em one. But if they are trying to be nice and just maybe suck at it, then we gotta take a second to breathe and not be a bitch. Your period is not an excuse to be mean. But it is an excuse to eat some extra chocolate and go to bed early.

I think the world deals with a woman’s period the wrong way a lot of the time. We should be able to talk about it without getting weird looks. And guys need to learn about it. Guys need not just sex ed classes but period info classes. They are too stupid about it. If they understood it more they might be less shitty when dealing with us. My period will not be a taboo subject. Anyone who is around me be prepared for me to tell you all about my vagina blood, cause I will. If you don’t like it, grow up. I bleed red goo with random chunks in it out of my private lady area. It sucks ass and I need a hug. Lets just all be nice about it and embrace the monthly evil time together.

-Emily Grace (eroxursox)

2 Responses to “Bleeding Out of My Vagina

  • Chandra
    5 years ago

    I agree. And it’s normal and healthy for a women and it happens till we r about 55 years old. That’s 516 times in our lifetime if we r normal and healthy. And it’s so sad for those girls who are not healthy. They would so much like to have their period every month cuz that means they can have beautiful babies. Let’s be happy and sensitive to each other and not make it such an evil taboo subject to talk about. Good talk!!

  • Stephanie
    5 years ago

    I agree!

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