“Common Sense”

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Ok, so the other day I was watching a show. And in this show this shitty guy gave Valium to a baby. And it seemed like a bad thing. I don’t know stuff and stuff but I was curious. So I Googled if you are allowed to give Valium to a baby. I saw on Yahoo Answers that some lady had asked that question. So I clicked on the link.. Ok first of all apparently you are NOT allowed to give Valium to a baby. But goodness gracious the people on Yahoo Answers who answered that ladies question were so, so mean. They were freaking out at her for even asking that question and calling her a terrible mother. Guys! She didn’t give it to the baby yet, she was just asking if she could. And she was asking because she is a good mother and didn’t want to give something bad to her baby.

Ok, people! I need to talk about this. People are so rude. I have encountered many people like this in my life. People who act like what is common sense to them is common sense to everyone else in the freaking world. It’s not. Common sense is not a universal thing. Just because you have known something forever does not mean everyone knows it. Yesterday I learned that there is protein in milk, I did not know that. I am sure many other people knew that. But I didn’t. Am I stupid for not knowing that? No, I am not, I was just never told it before. Common sense isn’t even a thing, there is no such thing as common sense, “common sense” is different for everyone.

It matters how you are brought up for what “common sense” is to you. What you were told and not told in life. We learn things that are “common sense” by reading things, asking people things, watching things, watching people. There are lots of ways we learn “common sense” and we all learn the “common sense” things at different times in our life. A large way that I learn things that are “common sense” is asking questions. I am a question asker, I ask lots and lots of questions. Some of my questions are weird or dumb, but like I gotta ask so I can know.

Because I am an asker I have encountered endless people judging me for the questions I ask. The biggest judgments I get are, “umm.. how do you not know that? That’s common sense.” NO, it is not common sense for me, maybe it is for you but not for me. Why you gotta be so rude man? You just made me feel like an idiot. Guys, don’t say this stuff to people. If someone asks you a “common sense” question just nicely answer it. Then you can both know and both have that “common sense.” People need to realize this. What’s “common sense” for you is not “common sense” for everyone. Let people feel comfortable to ask you weird questions so they can learn. We aren’t born knowing things we gotta learn them.

I end up Googling lots of things instead of asking people because I get judged for my weird questions. You should check out my Google search history, I do ask some pretty strange things. But when Googling the Valium thing the other day I was just so appalled and had to write this. People, don’t be so mean to that poor mother. She was asking a question because she didn’t know. Don’t judge her or anyone else for not knowing something. And applaud people for asking important questions instead of just assuming the answer. She could have just went, “oh I think it’s ok to give the baby Valium,” and just gave it to her. But she didn’t, she asked about it. Which was the right thing to do. People be nice. Don’t be so quick to judge and don’t be so quick to assume that just cause you know something it means other people should know it. No. Not everyone knows the shit that you know. Don’t be an ass about things. Be helpful and be nice.

-Emily Grace (eroxursox)

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  • Chandra
    5 years ago

    I love it!!! So so true. I’ve learned that normal to u might be different from my normal. It has a lot to do with culture too. Someone might think picking your nose is gross. For another person from a different culture it might mean u r clean and want to get rid of that yuckyness in your nose. My normal might not be your normal so stop thinking we all think alike. I agree. Be nice and don’t assume u know it all either cuz there will always be someone else who knows more than u and might think your normal is stupid. But it isn’t.

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