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I don’t want a physical labor job. For my future I officially know I don’t want a job that makes me have to shower after work and feel sore. Currently I am a groundskeeper at a campground, which is very exciting. But a big thing I have learned from this job is I do not want a physical labor job.

I get asked all the time as I am sure many people my age do, but I am constantly asked about what I want to do for the future, as a job. And I am never really sure what to say, I have not figured that out yet. But guess what, I learned an important thing, that I don’t want a job that has my body super exhausted everyday after work.

I want to have the energy to do things after work. All I wanna do after work these days is nap and nap and nap. And my body always hurts, I would love my body not to hurt. I love when I am somewhat bored at work and then come home and want to have fun. I like to come home and want to go for a walk or tidy the house or go partying. I don’t know, but I am too exhausted for any fun after work and I hate that.

I am proud of myself for this job and it is good to know that I can do something like this if I need to. But I do know now that this isn’t the right fit for me. I can get dirty and I can sweat my ass off and carry heavy things and push myself. I am so glad that I can do that. But that’s not something I want to have to do all the time.

I am very exciting to relax after this job is done. I have about a month and a half left. I am going to try to enjoy this exhausting job and continue to learn from it and push myself. But I am very, very pooped. Like I am just truly in pain sometimes. One day at a time, more sleep would be nice. 😛

– Emily Grace | eroxursox

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