Feeling Mistreated Are We?

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“No, there ain’t nothin’ that I gotta prove. You think your words will make me black and blue. But I, I think I’m pretty with these old boots on. I think it’s funny when I drink too much. You try and change me, you can go to hell. ‘Cause I don’t wanna be nobody else.” – “Well, they say I’m too loud for this town. So I lit a match and burned it down. What do you want from me? I’m not America’s sweetheart. So beat the drum with me. I’m not America’s sweetheart. But you love me anyway.” – America’s Sweetheart -Elle King

I am so frustrated, life is so frustrating.

For a long time I used to be very quiet, not speak up when I was being put down, but just stand there and I don’t know I guess you’d say ignored it. I like to speak up for myself now. I like to say when I feel mistreated. But no one likes when you say that, you’re being a b*tch because you say someone else is being a b*tch.

I care how people treat me. I don’t care who you are, if you’re related to me or lifelong friends. If I feel mistreated. I’m gonna have a problem with you now. Respect me, love me or get the hell away from me. I don’t think I should become the bad guy because you’re being the bad guy and you don’t want me to point it out.

I also used to ignore a lot more things. I met someone who encourages me not to ignore things, that that makes it worse. I ignore things a lot more then I ever realized. Some people will mistreat me and I will get upset and never resolve it and move on. And we all just pretend it’s fine, I thought that was normal. But there are some people who are not ok with that. I didn’t get that before, I get it now.

It is so hard to stick up for myself though. People do not react well when there is an issue. Me being one of those people. But that doesn’t work, life is full of issues, you need to learn to react better. One issue does not mean the world is ending, it means lets fix it. It takes a lot of maturity to not freak out over issues and just chill. I don’t have all that maturity, I’m trying.

I want to demand respect, I want to demand to be loved as I am. And I don’t mean oh accept all my shitty flaws. No, accept the things that I love about myself but you maybe don’t love. We are all different. We all have different values and beliefs, that doesn’t have to be bad. Some people do not like that. They even won’t admit it but you can see it, they want you to shut up and smile and be what they value.

I value myself, I value love and respect. I know people who say they value that but maybe it doesn’t seem like that to others. Talk to people, we all are different and we all suck sometimes and say the wrong things. We can just talk and love and accept each other even when we don’t understand. It’s hard, yeah, but you need to. You do, you need to accept others differences. We are not gonna change for you, we are going to be who we want. You can either be apart of it and support it or you’re gonna lose someone who desperately loves you.

(Again I feel like I need to say this after every post, this is not about one particular person. I am so sick of people assuming something I feel or write is about them. There are a lot of people I have met in my life who all do similar things. I am talking about a general amount of people who do this, if you think this is about you maybe that’s cause you do this…. Just saying.)

– Emily Grace | eroxursox


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