Housekeepers Are People?

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Ok first of all this post is gonna be kinda weird. Just try to understand where I am coming from and don’t judge me. I am sure you guys have been stupid like this too.

Ok so this is another post about my job. I am sorry there are so many posts about my job. But it is what is going on in my life right now. So just try to enjoy my interesting housekeeping stories. Lol. Cause they are totally just so interesting. And in cause you are unaware I am a housekeeper at a hotel.

Now I have been to many hotels before. My favorite to go to is Best Western. I love staying in hotels. The room is so perfectly clean, there are little soaps and shampoos for me to take. There’s a TV with free cable and a big bed with clean, white sheets. And a cute mini fridge, and if you are lucky the hotel has a pool with a hot tub! Whenever I have been to a hotel the room is always perfect. I don’t think I have been to a hotel where I have noticed any problems with cleanliness and such. (I am talking about the nice, more expensive hotels, not the cheap, crappy ones.) So when I went into all these pristine hotel rooms I never thought about who cleaned them. It was like I thought a magical robot cleaned them. I never imagined a real person with feelings and the ability to mess up cleaned my room. If I had ever noticed something wrong with the room I would have been annoyed. Which sounds so bitchy, but I was unaware of life things ok, I was young.

So now that I am a housekeeper, cleaning hotel rooms. I am thinking about how not perfect I am at the job right now. I am new, and I am sure I am not doing everything perfectly. I am trying but I do not know everything right now. And I am thinking about the people who will go into the rooms I clean. The people who may be like the old me and not be aware that real people clean the rooms. I could see someone being so unhappy with the not perfect cleaning job I did, not realizing that I am a human who can’t do everything perfectly. I could see some perfectly nice person like my old self complaining about the not perfectness of the room. Because they don’t understand that it is just some normal unperfect person cleaning the room for them.

I think people need to explain to hotel goers that the housekeepers are not perfect. I think more people need to be aware that we are just people like them, we are not robots. We are trying our best and can’t do things perfectly for you all the time. I know it sounds so obvious, “of course housekeepers are people, I am not an idiot I know that.” Ok, maybe you know that, but not everyone does. Some people just don’t think about it. Some people are a little stupid like myself and think magic robots clean the rooms. I am so scared of messing up in a room because I am so aware that these people staying in the room may not know I am a real person. And they may expect everything to be perfect, which may not always be something I can do.

So to all the people who are stupid like me. Don’t expect every hotel room you go into to be perfect. The person cleaning the room is doing their best and you could not even do half as well as them. Just be thankful for the room you have. And if you really want to complain about something remember to do it nicely, the housekeeper is a real person, with real feelings and real not-perfectness. Be nice and not super, super picky. Cause we are all doing our best and we all just need a break sometimes.

-Emily Grace (eroxursox)

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