I Did The Laundry

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So I did the laundry today and I was annoyed that my boyfriend wasn’t helping. But then I thought, I kind of don’t want him to help with this too much. I am a little bit of a control freak, not a huge, annoying one. But with some things I just have a certain was of doing it and I don’t want someone else to do it their way and “mess it up.” So I am one of those people who will get mad at you for not helping but then when you try to help I’ll want to take over cause to me you’re doing it wrong.

When I do laundry I always put everything on cold. I know that’s not the best for towels and stuff. But I usually put towels and clothes of all colors and just everything together. That may make you cringe. But I am lazy and want to do things as simply as possible. But because I have all those clothes of different colors and materials I just wash everything on cold. Now it would bother me if someone washed it on warm, cause I would worry it could do something bad, even if they are sure it would be fine. Then I am picky with what goes into the dryer because I have a fear of shinking my clothes. So I basically only put socks and underwear in the dryer and hang dry everything else. Now even if I told the person that I only dry socks and underwear I would still constantly be worrying that maybe they put a shirt in there and it would drive me crazy. I would have to go check the dryer when they’re not looking.

So is that bad, is that kind of a control freak thing? It’s weird though because when I think of a control freak, I think of someone who does things really well and precise. But I am not like that. Like come on, I wash all my clothes and towels together. But this still isn’t good, even if I am not a control freak. I cannot get mad at someone for not helping me if I feel this way about it.

Maybe I need to have a certain thing that the other person does that I don’t do and then laundry would be the thing that I do that they don’t do. Then it would work out. But I bet this would bug someone, they would offer to do my laundry and I wouldn’t want them too. Who doesn’t want someone to do a chore for you?… A control freak kind of person, that’s who.

I know there are some people who don’t like help cleaning because they have such a certain way of doing things. So they won’t let you help. That seems annoying and ridiculous to me. But I guess that’s me with laundry. I think it is good to let people help you, so I think this attitude about things can be bad for that. Also I think it is important to let go and trust others sometimes, especially when it is with something like laundry, you don’t have to trust them with your life or anything. But I also don’t think it is bad to have a certain way of doing things that works for you, that’s good. But you gotta remember to let go sometimes too.

But I would say in situations like this, when you wanna do a certain chore your way but you still want someone else to help somewhat. Then just have them do a chore that you don’t help with while you are doing your thing, so no annoyance of you doing all the work happens. Though you do have to remember, if you are doing that thing by yourself with no help, it’s kind of your fault.

-Emily Grace (eroxursox)

2 Responses to “I Did The Laundry

  • Chandra
    4 years ago

    Hi Emily grace. I like how u r so honest and it’s really good to know yourself and what u like and don’t like. It important to be open to others suggestions especially if there is a good reason for it. So we can change and be better. If it’s just an opinion then yea do it your way. Partnerships have to be open so your relationship and u can grow and become better otherwise you stay the same and can be ignorant. Learning new things is hard but it takes a mature person to say hey that’s a good idea I’ll try it. But I like how u would compromise and say u do this and I’ll do this. That’s cool. It’s neat how u solve a lot of your problems just by talking or writing it out. Keep going girl.

  • Jaylene
    4 years ago

    Are you living with your boyfriend? I really wanna hear More about your relationship ????

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