I Got A Job..?

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I just got a job..? I just got a job.. What?! I am now a housekeeper, a hotel hired me. On one hand I am like why did you hire me? But on the other hand I’m like, thanks man! So yes, I got a job. I have went to my first 2 days of work and wow, they were not what I expected.

Being a housekeeper is hard. Like I feel like people really don’t understand that. But it’s hard, it’s manual labor. You are on your feet all day, never sitting. You are constantly bending over and kneeling and carrying things. You make like 20 beds and clean like 20 bathrooms, it’s so weird. My legs are so sore, I have never been on my feet for that long before, like ever. One of my co-workers said she’s lost so much weight working there. Which makes perfect sense, cause man this is exercise. I don’t have to worry about gaining any weight now, I basically work out all day, lots of squats and endless walking.

So far I actually enjoy it more then I thought I would. It’s not such a bad job. It’s not super boring where you’re standing around, there’s always something to do. And time goes by so fast, you’re just doing your thing, cleaning stuff and time goes by so fast. The day doesn’t even feel that long, although it does to my legs, but not to my brain. The people I am working with all seem very nice. I’m shy so I haven’t talked to them too much, but they seem good. The girl who’s training me is about my age and she is just great. Which is so good cause having a not nice person training you would just change your whole experience.

Also I think it is kinda a good job for me. It is a lot of repetition, you are mostly just doing the same thing over and over. I like that cause you can just get good at it and then you’re set. Also it is not too much interacting with people, you are mostly just alone. It’s not like front desk talking with all the people. Also you go in early and then get off in the afternoon and I like that cause I don’t mind getting up early and I like having more time after work to do other things. Then you can also get off work earlier some days if everyone finishes fast or if there’s less work to do, which I’m a fan of. Some people don’t like that cause less hours is less money but I don’t need a lot of money.

I have never had a job before. Like a real, full on adult job. I have had weird jobs but nothing as real as this. And I thought it would be so much scarier, but it’s kinda cool. It makes me feel productive and like I am not just doing nothing, cause I’m not, I’m doing stuff. And the idea of completely earning my own money sounds so great. There’s so many hard things about being an adult and one of the things I hate most is constantly worrying about money. I would just love to have a decent steady income and no longer have to worry about that so much. So I have a job… I am a housekeeper…. Wierd…. But honestly kinda cool too. 😛

-Emily Grace (eroxursox)

2 Responses to “I Got A Job..?

  • Stephanie
    5 years ago

    Love this one!!

  • Chandra
    5 years ago

    It’s a great feeling having a job and being all adultish and grown up and responsible. So glad it was a good experience your first real job for the past 2 days.

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