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So I definitely have had experience with boys. Less experience then some, and more experience then some. I have had only one and a half boyfriends (long story with the whole half thing). But I have had many, many boys who weren’t my boyfriend. And from these boys I have learned many things. Lots of annoying life lessons and shit. But mostly after every boy I learn more things that I don’t want in the next person I’m with and also things I do want. So here I am going to share my list of 5 important things that I have learned I need in a future relationship person and why. There are so many more things. But I wanna go in-depth with these so I am just sticking to 5 for now.

So 5 Things I Need in Future Relationship Person:

1. I need someone who wants to talk to me. Someone who misses me if we haven’t talked the whole day. Someone who doesn’t just text me cause they know I want them to, but actually just wants to text me cause they want to talk to me. Someone who wants to tell me about their day. So when I ask what happened in their day they won’t just say nothing, but they’ll actually want to share with me their day. That means the world and beyond to me. I don’t know why but it is very hard to find someone who actually wants to text and talk and share their life with you. I have found very minimal people who like to do this. I want to be missed. I want someone who is sad that we haven’t talked in two days, instead of just me being the only one sad about that. I want someone who wants to tell me that they fed their fish later then usual today cause they are lazy. I love to share things. I share everything, when I gotta pee, when I did my makeup weird, when I tripped on the sidewalk like an idiot, when I am wearing a hello kitty band-aid cause I lightly cut myself and kinda just wanted an excuse to wear it. I share random shit, and I want more then anything someone who wants to share their random shit with me. Who wants me to be apart of every little stupid part of their life. As I would want them to be apart of mine.

2. I need someone who likes to touch a lot. I love touch, the inappropriate and not inappropriate kind. When we are walking I want to hold hands or link arms or something. I am very insecure in public and love having someone to hold and make me feel safe. I not only want to do this with relationship people but also just with my friends and family. I want to be all over each other when we watch TV. I wanna have my legs on you or be cuddling a bit or just have my or your hand on someones leg. I feel close to someone when we touch. I feel loved and safe and it is a freaking great feeling. I have a lot of relationship insecurities. If we are not touching or something I start to think, oh maybe this person doesn’t like me anymore, or maybe they are mad at me. Which I know is just me being crazy but the touching keeps the crazy at bay. So I want someone who wants to touch. Not just someone who touches me cause I want them to, but someone who enjoys it and doesn’t just do it for me but does it for themselves too.

3. Someone who is happy and positive and doesn’t like drama. If you are a negative person just get away from me. I cannot stand negative, sad people. The only people I want around me are people who see the good in things and try to stay happy even when it’s hard. I also hate, hate drama. If someone has any interest in starting or encouraging drama, again stay away from me. I know this may sound harsh but I am just being honest. I want none of the drama around me. I want someone who will avoid the drama with me and not let other peoples drama effect our happiness. Someone who doesn’t pull themselves into drama or cause it or pull themselves into other peoples drama. I need happy, positive, drama-free people around me. I am not the most emotionally stable person. So I try my best to surround myself with happy vibes. It is very important to my well being. So I will stay away from any potential relationship people who seem not happy and not positive and full of drama.

4. I need someone who does not at all have a temper. I need zero temper. I hate anger. I hate anger way, way more then the average person does. Even the slightest, tiniest bit of anger makes me want to burst into tears. I have to, have to have someone without any temper at all. Yes, sometimes the person can get angry. I understand anger is a normal emotion. But the person needs to be able to deal with their anger calmly. Someone who will go to their room and calm down when they are angry and then come back out and be able to have a nice discussion. I have zero tolerance for any showing of anger. Anger needs to be dealt with in a calm and nice way. If you yell at me I will lose respect for you. Not kidding. Again I know that sounds harsh, but it is so true. You yell at me and you have lost me. Anger is a big no-no in my vicinity.

5. Someone who is my best friend. I have never been with someone who I was totally friends with. The people I have been involved with went from strangers to people I flirt with. We never really got close in a best friend sort of way. And I have learned how much you miss not being best friends with your person. You laugh less, you confide in each other less, you don’t feel as comfortable with the person. Next person I date, you need to be my best friend. And I don’t just mean friend, I mean best friend. Best friend. The person who already knows your family. The person you’ve shown old embarrassing photos too. The person you have jumped in mud puddles with. The person you can have sleepovers with and do zero inappropriate things. The first person you wanna text when anything happens. The person you eat messy spaghetti in front of and give zero fudges. The person who has seen you without makeup on more times then they’ve seen you with makeup on. Your best friend. I need someone who is my best friend.. 😛

One more important thing I wanna say is that I need someone who doesn’t just do these things cause I want them to. But someone who would do these things even if I didn’t care about them. Because the person themselves thinks these things are important too. I need someone who values these things as I value them. Just having the person do things cause you want them to, but then they themselves couldn’t care less does not work, I repeat does not work. So to clarify I need someone who wants to talk to me cause they like to talk and not just cause I want them to talk. I need someone who wants to touch cause they like to and not just cause I want them to. I need someone who is happy and positive cause it is who they are, not just cause I want them to be happy and positive. I need someone who doesn’t have a temper because they hate anger and not just cause I hate anger. And lastly I need someone who thinks of me as their best friend instead of me just thinking of them as my best friend.

Was this really long..? Yes, yes it was. Hope it was enjoyable enough for you to make it through the whole thing. 😛

-Emily Grace (eroxursox)

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