Life Is Hard Man

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Frick man. Life is hard. I haven’t posted on here in soo long. Not even on my Quotes, which is stupid cause I currently have pre-made quotes. Man I suck. Life is hard. I am soo stressed. And it’s not even for specific reasons totally. I’m just freakin stressed. Doing anything stresses me out. So right now I am doing nothing, but that’s stressing me out too!! Frick!

I need to e-mail this guy back about something I am selling. But his last e-mail was so confusing I haven’t replied. Like I need to reply to this poor guy! Man, that’s been stressing me out for days. I need someone to sit down with me and make me read it and understand it and reply. Cause I suck and I am not doing it.

And man work is bugging me. Not the work itself, it’s the people. Like I know the bosses need to take the work very seriously or else they can get in trouble but man some people just expect so much from others. Like I am a housekeeper. So they want us to clean the rooms super fast and super well. But if I go too fast I miss something. Or if I get everything perfect then I went too slow. Like come on, there’s only so much I can do people. Like eff off. This shit is hard.

Then I had to go to the chiropractor cause my back has been hurting. Chiropractors are expensive man. I am so broke now. And I still have to go back to him in a week and pay more money. I have decided not having pain is worth the money. But man am I broke now. I can’t even have some fun and go buy some subway. Cause subway costs money, but it makes me smile..

And for awhile I have not been worrying much about looks and now I am starting to feel ugly. So that means I need to start worrying about my looks more so I don’t feel that way. And that’s stressful, that means waking up earlier and putting effort into it. Man who has effort, cause I don’t.. Life is hard man.

I know these are little, first world problems. But these little, first world problems suck man. And I have like never-ending depression that keeps trying to punch me in the face. Gosh. Leave me alone. There’s so much I want to do and need to do but am not doing. I can’t do stuff. Stuff is hard. Ahh! But look at least I wrote a blog post.. Yes it is not written very well. But eff you, I don’t care. Oh and happy Saturday.. 😛

Emily Grace (eroxursox)

One Response to “Life Is Hard Man

  • Chandra
    4 years ago

    Dearest Emily
    Yes. Life is hard. Making good choices will decrease the hardness though. So make good decisions like taking vitamins, exercising, eating healthy and getting a good sleep. Also who do u trust and talk with. Who is giving u life not cursing u as u do your best. Choose well and life does get easier. Also choosing to believe In someone greater than yourself will help u to relax and feel valued. All in all Emily grace u r doing well. You r good and strong and smart and you are making good choices. Keep going. I love you.

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