Milk Is Blue?

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Ok so when I was a little kid there apparently was this ongoing debate where I would say milk is blue. It bothered my family to no end as I was very stubborn about it. They would keep telling me I was wrong and I would never back down. Ever since then this situation has been a topic of conversation for my family to demonstrate how stubborn I am and to make fun of me.

After many times of my family bringing this subject up to frustrate me I decided to look up things about milk on the internet. And look what I found, “Fat-free skimmed milk has only the casein micelles to scatter light, and they tend to scatter shorter-wavelength blue light more than they do red, giving skimmed milk a bluish tint.” –Wikipedia. I was right! After years of being made fun of for thinking milk was blue I was right. Yes, I should of phrased it differently but I was a little kid.

This whole stupid and then awesome situation has taught me some stuff. First of all to my family who dissed me for this, “I was right! So shut up now!” And it kinda taught me that kids are smart. Everyone heard me say something kinda weird and assumed I was wrong. No one thought to look it up or ask me anything about it, they just said I was wrong. But I wasn’t. You know how kids hear things and then repeat them. I must have heard this somewhere and was just saying a fact someone or something told me. When a kid says something unorthodox don’t just brush the poor kid off. Kids are smart and they hear things and learn lots. You should investigate things kids say to see if it’s crap or not.

And don’t make fun of someone for something they did as a kid. I know its fun for you, and maybe it’s ok for the other person at first. But continually bringing up something “embarrassing” from the past and throwing it in someones face is mean. And maybe one day they are going to find a way to turn this situation around back on you and make you the one embarrassed. Like this, “Haha family, I knew something you didn’t know when I was a child and you a grown up. I was a super genius baby and you underestimated me. Don’t do it again…” Lol.

-Emily Grace (eroxursox)

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