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So my boyfriend was at the mall the other day with two friends. They went into this store that has a lot of very interesting stuff. Including some cool shot glasses. He wanted to pick one out for me and him. He got himself a cool one, then was looking for one for me. He wanted something I like would. The thing is I have some weird interests, immature interests you might say.

So you’ve heard of the minions right? The cute, little dudes from the Despicable Me movies, that then became so famous they got their own movies.. Yeah. I think they cuteeeeee. So he saw a Minion shot glass in the store and knew I would love it, so he bought it for me. How sweet.

But see the thing is, he is kinda a cool guy. The type of guy who would usually be embarrassed to buy a Minion shot glass with his friends. They’d all be like, “what the frick, that’s so dumb.” But he bought it anyway, in front of his friends, most likely feeling embarrassed. He did it for me cause he knew I would like it.

That is so important, that means a lot. Some people may read this and think it’s a small, silly thing. But it’s not. A guy who is willing to embarrass himself for you is important. A guy who puts your likes before his pride is important. You can’t get your friends, family or significant others things you like. You have to get them things they like. Even when you don’t feel like it, even when you think it’s stupid.

A lot of guys (or people I should say) put their pride first in relationships, put their ego first. And that’s why they end up single. You can’t get anywhere in life putting your ego first. You have to be willing to be embarrassed. You have to respect others interests even if they are stupid to you. Even if it is just something little, like buying a silly shot glass. Cause those small things show a lot about yourself. And could help you in the future do bigger things for others, even if they are a little embarrassing.

Buy your girlfriends their Minion shot glasses. Do it in front of your friends. Don’t be embarrassed. Be proud that you care more about someone else’s happiness then your stupid pride. That’s love. It’s small, but it’s big. The small things matter.

I got a Minion shot glass, be jealous. 😛

-Emily Grace (eroxursox)

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