My First Boyfriend

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So recently I have been thinking about all the boys I have been involved with since my first boyfriend. And how all those boys have kinda massively sucked. Then I started thinking a lot about my first boyfriend.

When we broke up I was so mad at him. I kinda just hated him in my mind and never wanted to think of him in a positive way cause I knew it would make me sad. But now it was so long ago and I am so beyond over it. So it’s like I am now able to think about him in a good way without being upset. And you know what I just discovered.. He was kinda a fudging great boyfriend! I was not aware of this. I was so mad at him I was never able to see this before. But he was an amazing boyfriend.

We were never madly in love so I don’t regret us breaking up. This isn’t me saying I want him back, cause I so don’t, we not soulmates. When we were dating we were planning to break up at the end of the school year cause I was going off to college. But we got in an argument about a month before school ended and he broke up with me. I was beyond hurt and beyond mad. At the time I could not at all understand why he broke up with me.. But I kinda think I figured it out.

We were planning on breaking up, but we were still gonna be friends. Which sounded great to both of us. But then I started talking about how he could come visit me when I am in college. And we could still text all the time. And I thought all this sounded so fun. But my college was gonna be 4 hours away. I was basically asking him to drive 4 hours to see me almost every weekend and then drive 4 hours back. Ok, that was kinda way too much to ask, especially for someone you aren’t even dating anymore. So I think I was kinda scaring the chiz out of him and he thought it would be better to just completely break things off so we could both move on, and he wouldn’t have to go on endless road trips. Which I totally understand. I still think he went about the break up the wrong way, but he was only 17, he did his best.

I spent so much time being mad at him that I forgot all his good traits. He was a great first boyfriend. He would come over and hang out with me a lot, even though he had a part time job and was going to high school and lived 20 minutes out of town. He still hung out with me so, so much. And he texted me so much. He didn’t even like texting that much but he knew I loved it so he texted me as much as I wanted and never stopped. He also never stopped flirting with me. Do you have any idea how many guys stop being all flirty when they get you? like 80% of guys. It’s insane and so stupid, they stop being cute. But he never did. He met my parents and grandparents and dealt with my craziness and he was so great.

We may not have been soulmates but that’s the best I have ever been treated by a guy. Some girls look back at their old guys and think, “wow why did I date that loser?” I feel that way about a lot of guys but not this one. He was great while he lasted, and I am so thankful for him. I think he showed me the right way I should be treated. And someday I hope to find a guy that can treat me like he did, but maybe also a guy I click with more. Lol. So thank you Max.. I hope you’re doing good. 😛

-Emily Grace (eroxursox)

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