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My love is out of town, he is providing for us right now. He’s working hard everyday two hours away from me and I miss him. He is my favorite, he is my love. It used to be hard for me to admit that cause things can go wrong. But I don’t care, I love him and I’m not afraid of things going wrong. Life happens and you can’t just sit around being scared of it. I feel so blessed to have him in my life and I am excited for our future.

I’m alone a lot now because he was really the main person I hung out with. And I am jobless right now and stuck at home to just be sad all day. I cry multiple times a day because I miss him. I hate laying in our bed all alone without feeling him. I don’t know how other people do this but it is very unpleasant. Missing someone all the time, missing my best friend.

I know I haven’t written anything about him before. I try to figure out the reason for that but I’m not sure. It has been hard to try to sit down and talk about him. I just feel like there’s nothing I can say that expresses us. I can’t find the right words to explain him and what he is and has done for me. He’s been my prince. Yes we argue and have issues, but we work them out, at least we try, it’s hard, relationships are hard.

I love the way he hugs me and how it feels. I love the way he makes me laugh when I’m sad. I love playing his video games with him and learning new things I’d never learn. I love watching our show and cuddling. I love how we shower together all the time and just have fun. I love coming home to him and his beautiful son with supper already made. I love knowing he’s in the next room and I can go give him a kiss at anytime.

I miss him. I miss him so much, I’m crying right now. I lay in bed and imagine his arms around me. I try to make supper and just wish I had someone to make it for. I know he’s not dead and he’s still mine and I’m still his. But I feel like that makes me miss him more, knowing that we both want to be together but can’t be right now.

I loved the life we made. It was hard for me to get used to how different it was then my old life. But I loved it, and now it feels like it’s gone, I know it’s just for now and not forever, but I just feel so alone and sad without him. Without our life together, I want to be together, I want him in the next room. But he can’t be there right now and it hurts. I’m trying to be ok, I’m trying to look to the future, but it’s hard. I am excited to have our life back, soon, sort of soon, feels very long.

This wasn’t meant to be sad, it was meant to say my love for him. But I guess I’m just so sad right now that everything comes out sad. I miss him and I love him and I am so glad I found him and we’re happy together. And we’re gonna have a future and we’re gonna be together again and it’s gonna be ok. Thank you honey for making things ok for the future. You are so strong and you make me feel strong. I love you.

– Emily Grace | eroxursox

One Response to “MY LOVE

  • My beautiful Emily Grace!! I love you even more after reading this. You are such an amazing soul. The love you have for my son and grandson has changed him so much. He is strong and confident and beautiful in himself now. Your love has shown him that he IS a wonderful human being!! I love you too the moon and back for accepting all of who he is and not trying to make him someone else.
    You will miss him while he is away. You will cherish him when he is home with you. You will become a stronger person through this process and surprise yourself with your ability to be enough for yourself. This is an opportunity for personal growth you will appreciate later in life.
    On your rough days remember to reach out to those of us who love you. It will be hard at first to do this but each time it will get easier. There are lots of us who love you and want to be there for you when you need company. We wont be Elyas but we can help keep your days brighter while he is away at work.
    Remember always that this will not be forever and that absence makes the heart grow fonder. Stay strong beautiful young lady!! I’m here for you anytime you need!!
    LYATW Emily Grace 💞💞💞💞💞

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