Pale Is Pretty Too

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So I remember this one year at camp where I was afraid to wear shorts because my legs were so freaking white and pale. I don’t go out tanning and all that shit. I don’t buy fake tanner or hang out on the beach. I’m a normal, pale person. And everyone else at camp seemed to have somewhat of a tan so I didn’t wanna wear shorts and show off my pale legs.

But then one day when everyone was in line for lunch. I saw this girl walking by and she was wearing shorts, and her legs were more pale than mine! And she looked great, she was a nice looking, pretty girl with pale af legs. That made me so happy, I felt like I could wear shorts and still look good cause that girl could. And I did, I put on my shorts and looked just as fabulous as that other pale legged girl. Pale is pretty too.

This was a very important point in my life. I learned that all it takes is one person doing something you’re too scared to do to make you feel more able to do it. It’s like if some pretty girl in school says she likes to play chess, it makes you feel more comfortable to admit that you like it too. Or if you just see some random girl on the street who’s kinda overweight like you and she is looking sexy! It makes you feel that you can be overweight and sexy too, even though maybe before you weren’t so sure. Sometimes all it takes is that one person doing the thing you want to do to make you feel able to do it too.

Ever since I learned that I decided I wanted to be that person. Whenever I can I want to be the person who maybe makes other people feel better about themselves. I wanna be the girl wearing shorts at camp with pale legs, so that another girl feels ok wearing shorts with pale legs. I want to inspire people, not really in big ways cause that seems hard. But in little ways. I want to be the person who does something that maybe makes somebody else feel able to do that thing too.

I never really cared if I had a few pimples. I didn’t try too hard to cover them up or get rid of them. They were just a few little pimples that everyone has. I didn’t care about this because I knew that maybe some other girl would see me and feel less self conscious about her pimples. I never care that I am super pale, cause a lot of people are and maybe one of those people would see me embracing my paleness and feel less self conscious about their paleness. I don’t really care about being the skinniest person because other girls look at super skinny girls and feel bad about themselves. I don’t wanna be the skinny girl that makes people self conscious.

I don’t know if all this is the right way of thinking, but I like it. It’s kinda like, be the person you wanna see. You know, I try to be the person I wanna see. Someone who is just average but still beautiful. Someone who doesn’t feel the need to be perfect. Just a normal person. I don’t try to be anything else. I don’t make sure all my pics are perfect before uploading them. I don’t put on makeup whenever I leave the house. I don’t have abs or a sexy tan. But I am still beautiful and everyone else is too.

Maybe instead of feeling self conscious about your flaws. Just embrace them and remember that someone else could see you being beautifully flawed and feel better about themselves.

-Emily Grace (eroxursox)

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  • Chandra
    5 years ago

    Im so proud of you. If we could all do this the world would be a better place. You r an amazing person eroxursox. Go girl!!

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