Promise Rings

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I love promise rings!! I know some people just think it’s a stupid, unneeded step in a relationship. And for some people maybe it is. But if you haven’t noticed I have trust issues, I have relationships issues. I’m messed up and I also have abandonment issues. When it comes to boys that means that no matter what, I always feel they are going to leave me. So I love promise rings.

A promise ring is a commitment. It is a constant reminder saying this person will not leave you. It is a promise to love them and stay with them even when it’s hard. It is not an engagement ring, yes it can mean you will get married some day but it doesn’t have to be soon. Which I love because I am in zero rush to get married. I don’t really wanna do that till I am old. Or at least my version of old. It is just a nice little ring on your finger to remind you every time you look at your hand that you are not alone.

I have had two boyfriends. Both were not very serious. I do feel that being in a relationship is a commitment, but it’s like more of a commitment saying that you are friends who make out with each other and no one else. Being in a relationship does not mean you are not going to break up, people in relationships break up all the time. Then from being in a relationship the next step is supposed to be getting engaged. What! Like slow down people, where’s the inbetween stage. I like inbetween stages. I feel that a promise ring is the inbetween stage, it is saying that you are not only in a relationship but you are committed to staying together even when it’s hard and a promise that you are not going anywhere. I love that.

With all my trust issues and relationships issues and abandonment issues I think that I need some sort of constant reminder that this person won’t leave me. You know when your person is busy, and you haven’t hung out in a bit and start to you feel a little insecure about things. The person is not there to reassure you that everything is ok, because they cannot always be there to do that even if we wish they could. So a promise ring is some reassurance that is always there even when things seem off or hard. I think we all could do with a little more reassurance, I definitely could.

-Emily Grace (eroxursox)

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