Second Job At A Campground?

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Hello my darlings! Guess what? I have a second job. Miss I would always rather be watching TV in bed is now working 10 hour days. Can you believe it? If you know me then you cannot believe it. But it’s true. I am a hard working girl now. And what will be even more surprising to anyone who knows me is what my second job is..

I am a GROUNDSKEEPER at a CAMPGROUND.. I know.. SO WEIRD. I didn’t apply for it, the head groundskeeper at this campground called me to offer me the  job because a close friend of hers (who I know from my moms church) was raving about me and how I am mowing my moms lawn. And she needed help groundskeeping and wanted someone she knew wouldn’t be an asshole. And we all know I am never an asshole..

But you will never believe how much I love it. Like I can’t believe how much I love it. It is outside in a nice pretty place. It is not too hard but not too easy where it’s boring. We don’t have to walk around the whole place cause that would be a nightmare. We have this vehicle we drive, it’s called a gator. And I learned to drive it.. Yay!

The work we do is kind of like housekeeping, which I do now, but also very different. We clean, but different cleaning. We clean out firepits so they aren’t overflowing with ash. We rake the gravel so there aren’t footprints and empty spots. We look around for any garbage people left. We go around the whole campground and empty out all the garbage cans and recycling, sometimes the back of the gator is overflowing from how much garbage there is. And we clean the outhouses as best we can considering they are outhouses.

The lady I work with is the best, which I think is a big part of why I like it so much. She is just the nicest lady. And she is interesting. She is not just your average middle age woman. She is exciting and interesting. She lives in her trailer at the campground for half the year and then goes wherever she wants for the rest of the year. And her trailer is awesome, it is not like a cookie cutter trailer. She has make it her own, I just love it. And she has this amazing garden area that looks like it was set up by a professional landscaper, which I guess she kind of is. She even has a motorcycle! I love this lady, I would be proud if I could be anything like her when I am that age.

I am working a lot now. I have never worked this much in my life. Which isn’t saying too much cause I have never been a super hard worker. But I am now! And I am so proud of myself for it. I think I am able to do it because I enjoy it and I want to help this lady. She is doing the whole campsite by herself and it is a lot of work. She needs help and I am so happy I got the privilege of helping her.

What excites me the most is the future of this. I have not been excited for the future in a long time. But the campground people have already asked if I would like to come next year to do this full time.. And I would LOVE to. It would last 6 months and I would quit my housekeeping job and do this full time. It would pay me a lot more then housekeeping and give me more of ‘life’. More opportunities for the future, more life experience of new things and more money to save for my future. Then after the 6 months is over I could maybe get a better job then housekeeping cause I am so sick of it now.  When I am there I just wish I was at the campground.

Also last but not least I think a big reason for the joy this is giving me is.. The attitude, the people. At my housekeeping job everyone is always grumpy and stressed and in a rush. It is almost never just a chill day for me. There is always a noticeable tension you can feel, always. At the campground people are happy, they are calm. There isn’t this vibe of annoyance that I got so used to that I just thought was normal. It doesn’t have to be normal, people can be in a good mood at work. And that feels so good. I come home feeling happy instead of blah and drained. And I know there will be grumpy days there too, but they won’t be everyday, they won’t be constant. There’s happiness and contentment there, which just is so important to be around and fill yourself with.

So that’s what’s going on with me. I am going to the campground in the morning tomorrow cause I don’t have to housekeep. No more days off, my days off of housekeeping are my full days at the campground. And I am so ok with it. Kisses.

– Emily Grace | eroxursox

2 Responses to “Second Job At A Campground?

  • Chandra
    3 years ago

    So so so happy for you thank you Jesus. Hard work when it’s good work is very fulfilling. I’m so proud of you.

  • Grace Brokop
    3 years ago

    I’m so proud of you Emily. And I’m glad you like the outdoors. Now, you will be wearing a tan. Glad you like who you work with cuz that’s part of the job. I think this is a good idea to go next year too.

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