Stupid School Things I

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In middle school we had this thing where every year at the beginning of the year all the new kids had to humiliate themselves in front of all their peers. So we would have an assembly where they would set up some sort of obstacle course or something for all the new kids to go through in the gym during the assembly in front of the school. It was supposed to be a fun, get to know the new kids thing. Like whoever thought of this was very popular or something, cause like making some pre-teen kids do a “funny” obstacle course (against their will might I add) is so mean. Like what about shy kids, what about being made fun of. Like kids aren’t nice, you fall on your butt in that course and they’ll laugh about it all year I bet.

So I was new to this school and found out that this thing was happening. The year I was supposed to do it the obstacle course was like a slip and slide where people sprayed you with water guns and you would try to run to the other side. Now I saw this and I was like.. No.. Like I am in grade 5 and no, I am not doing this. But it is not optional, you have to.

I was standing in the back with the older student counsel kids and they were going to put garbage bags over us like with our head and hands poked out so we wouldn’t get too wet. I am standing there with my heart beating so hard thinking, I have to get out of this. Like I am so introverted and shy and I had no friends yet and I was like dude, no. I asked not to do it and they said I had to. They said it would be fun..

So.. I started bawling. Like fully crying my eyes out in front of these teenage student counsel kids. They are trying to calm me down and saying it’ll be ok. Finally they are like, ok we can’t make her do this. So they gave me a candy and told me to go sit back down with my class. Everyone was so confused why I didn’t have to do it. And people were talking behind my back about it. It was this big deal to them that I didn’t do it. Wait.. Maybe they never got over it, maybe that’s why they were assholes. Wow this explains everything! Ok I’m kidding, obviously. But like really.. So dumb.

So just saying that school sucks, people suck and don’t make kids embarrass themselves. Like I was terrified, like I can’t believe they were going to make me do that. I watched the other kids do it and I had no regrets. Doing that would have traumatized me so hard. And you know I am glad that I stuck up for myself and didn’t let them make me do it, cause I don’t think that’s right. And I hope they learned something from me bawling about the thought of it.

Ok yeah I just wanted to vent about that.. Happy Wednesday.

– Emily Grace | eroxursox

One Response to “Stupid School Things I

  • Chandra
    2 years ago

    You were strong Emily. You fought back with your tears and you won. Be proud of yourself and I think you r right they probably learned something that day. You showed them how awful it is for some kids. Kids that couldn’t cry or show their feelings. Tears r powerful. You didn’t conform. You stood up for yourself. 🤗

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