Surrounded By Happiness

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I need to be surrounded by happiness to be happy. Ok, so I am a very emotionally unstable person. Very easily my emotions can go from very happy to very sad or very I don’t know, whatever the other emotions are. I have learned a very important thing in my life to keep me happier. It is being surrounded by happiness. I don’t mean living in a magical happy world. But just not having negative vibes around me.

There are some things that are very easy to control and very easy to keep happy. And that is stuff like what I watch or what I read and such. I cannot watch depressing shows or movies too much because it will depress me. If I watch too much of a sadder show I will feel myself slowly getting more and more depressed and I will not know why, but it is because of the show. So I make sure to watch happier, less massively dramatic shows. When I was a younger teen I had to stop watching the show 90210 because it gets so intense and dramatic that is was making me constantly depressed.

Something that is harder to control with this is family. Family drama does not work for me. Having family arguments or constantly hearing about problems really upsets me. Like I know it upsets everyone but it like really, really upsets me. Having family drama issues can make me deathly depressed and panicky all the time. Because this is a hard thing to control I have pissed off my family members a fair bit of times by trying to stay away from the drama. I avoid issues and don’t talk about certain things which can bother people.

Then there are friends, this is a harder but easier thing to deal with as you can choose your friends. But I cannot have depressing friends. I need positive, upbeat friends. If you are someone who dwells on the bad I cannot be friends with you. I will get depressed if the friends around me are acting depressed or talking about too many depressing things or problems. This can be hard because I want to be there for my friends but when they are having intense drama I get depressed from hearing about it. Which makes me not want to hear about it. Which then could hurt my friendship with the person. So it is not easy.

I wish I could work on ways to be more emotionally stable but I do not know how to do that. I just get very upset very easily. And it’s not like upset for a few hours, it’s like upset for a few weeks. If an upsetting topic comes up in a conversation just once it can make me upset for weeks. If I continue to watch a sad tv show I can become depressed for months and months even after I stop watching it.

I can also cry very easily. I will be at dinner with my family and we are having not an upsetting but just an intense discussion about something and I will have to go to the washroom to cry a little. Anything too intense can really upset me. I am generally happy right now. But I am so unstable, the smallest things can upset me way more then normal.

So because of all this I need to be surrounded by happiness the majority of the time. I have had many people say to me that that is stupid and unrealistic. Yes, I get that it isn’t the best solution to this. But even if I didn’t have this problem I still don’t think it’s a bad thing. Being surrounded by happiness is good, it’s healthy. Even if your not like me it’s still very good for you. Yes we cannot control everything but we can try to stay with happiness. Cause happiness is important, guys. Let’s all be positive, sunshine and rainbows. Lol 😛

-Emily Grace (eroxursox)

One Response to “Surrounded By Happiness

  • Chandra
    4 years ago

    I agree with you. We can’t control everything around us but we can control somethings that come into our lives. Being positive is important. The world is so negative and are we to accept it? No we can choose what we watch read or even think about. I think u have good ideas here. And u r sensitive to negative hurtful things which is good because that means u have a soft heart. Being soft inside is good that means u can be touched and affected by others. Which means u can love and help others. That is why u have to be careful with what comes into your heart. Somethings u cant control what is happening so u cry. That’s good. Let it out then it’s out and not cramped inside going bad. I love this blog. Keep going girl. Be honest and positive. Keep a hedge around u. Keep the bad outside. You do have control of your mind and heart.

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