The Internet Taught Me

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I hate when people think you’re just sitting at the computer rotting your brain. Yes we sit here and watch dumb YouTube videos and hours of Netflix, and even those things can be good. But there’s other things too, I learned a lot from the internet. The internet has shaped who I am today in many ways. It can do many things for many people. It can be an escape from reality, a haven of sorts keeping you sane. It can be a prison also, making you feel forced to get more likes, and seeing what the nasty people have to say. It can be a teacher, a parent, telling you right from wrong, showing you things you wouldn’t just be able to see elsewhere. So what has the internet taught me or done for me, let me think.

The internet taught me kindness and acceptance. I learned how much words can hurt, even when they are just letters on a screen. There are all different people, from all different walks of life here that you can talk to and get to know. People are all having a hard time at life, it’s hard for everyone. I saw this on the internet and learned that being kind and open to others gives you a chance for a much more fulfilling life.

The internet taught me a skill that I am better at then most things I’ve tried. Coding, designing, doing things online with websites and graphic design. I know I don’t do it much anymore but being good at that and enjoying it really makes me feel like I am capable of not sucking at everything. The internet took me to college, I went there for internet stuff, I sat in front of a computer all day learning about how it works.

The internet saved my life. When I was miserable as I assume lots of others were too in middle school. The internet gave me my sanity. It gave me access to friends who made me feel loved and happy and accepted. It gave me role models who encouraged me to keep going even when you feel like you can’t. It showed me different ways of living, different options for me and my life. I made me feel not alone..

I found myself on the internet. I started blogging and solving my own problems just by writing them out to my possibly non-existent audience. Seeing other people’s experiences and lives helped me learn the life I want or don’t want. It taught me values that I am so glad to have and may not have had access to elsewhere. I talked on the internet, I don’t do as much of that without this forum of writing. I learned life on the internet, life doesn’t get taught to us when we’re young as much as people seem to think they’re teaching it to us.

– Emily Grace | eroxursox

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