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“A word after a word after a word is power.” – Margaret Atwood

It’s been a long time since I posted something. A long, long time. I am not going to apologize or explain. Not posting bugged me more then it could have bugged anyone else. So finally hi again.

I want a job that gets me more money. Not cause I am obsessed with money, I just don’t want it to be a added thing for me to worry about. I basically work part time because I am a housekeeper and some days I only work 4 hours. A good day is 6 hours. If I worked a different minimum wage job that actually worked me 8 hours a day I would have a lot more money.

I also kind of wanna figure out a future job for life. The only thing I could think of that seemed really interesting to me was trying to become a body piercer. But I don’t know, some people didn’t think it was a great idea.

Life.. it’s going weird right now. It’s going well but feeling off. I want some change, I want something new. New hair, new house? New hobby. Something to make some days a little more exciting.

Changed up the website a bit if you noticed. Thought that might help with the wanting change thing. Don’t know if it worked. But glad I stopped ignoring my passion for this stuff. That definitely doesn’t help me. I need to keep up with the things that help me feel like me.

Wanting to improve my Instagram. I love all those girls who post such nice, good quality pictures regularly. I have been interested in trying to get a following on Instagram for a long time. And if there is any tiny chance that could happen I need to put more effort into it. Effort is hard for me, I don’t feel like a have much of it.

Wanting to create a life for myself. A real life that isn’t just trying to get through each day. But a life that I want the next day to happen, instead of just not caring. I want a life that makes me want to care. That makes me feel like I can do life. I want a life worth living, not just a life of blah.

Thoughts, thoughts. Thinking, thinking. Hi. Future. Life. Job. Kiss. Cleaning toilets. Watching shows. Wanting purpose. Gonna get purpose.

-Emily Grace (eroxursox)

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