Winners & Losers

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I’ve never really been a winner. I’ve never gotten an A on something in school. I’ve never been apart of a sports team that won a game. I’ve never won any sort of contest. I’ve never been the prettiest or the smartest or really the best at anything.

I’m one of those people who just aren’t great at anything. I am ok at a lot of things. But not great at anything. There’s nothing that I can do where someone would be like, “wow, that’s amazing.” They would more just be like, “oh, that’s cool.” I know that I should be happy that I am ok at a lot of things, cause it’s better than sucking at everything. But it sucks to not be great at anything. It’s sucks to not have something that you can do better then other people.

I’m not a winner. I have always been a loser. In school I was not popular, I sucked at sports, I was average at schoolwork. I had people who bullied me everyday basically always reminding me that I am never a winner. And I have never even really tried to be a winner. I have never entered contests or joined sports teams, I have even¬†tried to avoid simple fun games. Cause I just know I won’t win. And don’t say that I am being negative and maybe I could win. This isn’t me feeling bad for myself. I just know I am not a winner. And that is ok. Some people just aren’t winners. Some people are losers. But the thing is being a loser doesn’t have to be a bad thing.

Someone has to lose at things. Not everyone can win. I kinda do think that’s stupid though, I think everyone should be able to win. But that’s not how our world works. There are winners and losers. And I am a loser. But so what? Who freaking cares. I can be friends with all my fellow losers and we can all lose together. And really who likes someone who wins a lot? No one. People who win a lot are annoying. They can have a big ego and when you are around them you never get to win. I think being a loser is fine. I can let other people win who need it more than I do. And I can make all the other losers feel better about themselves. We can be losers together.

There’s this song called Maybe This Time that says, “everybody loves a winner, so nobody loved me.” The first time I heard that I bawled my eyes out cause that’s now a felt when I was younger. I just listened to this version of the song on YouTube. The song also says, “it’s gonna happen, happen sometime. Maybe this time, maybe this time I’ll win.” I love that. Being a loser is ok. And you know what, sometime we are gonna win. And it’s gonna be a bigger, more important win then just a sports game. And we are gonna appreciate it way more then those people who always win. So it’s ok losers, keeping trying cause maybe this time we’ll win. ūüėõ

-Emily Grace (eroxursox)

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