Words ≠ Actions

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You cannot say you miss me and then not talk to me for two days. I am so sick of having guys say they miss me and then putting no effort into talking to me. Like dude, you don’t actually miss me then.

Here’s the thing, for something to be true your actions need to match your words. This is so true and no one understands it. If you say you’re eating healthy and then eat 6 donuts, you’re not eating healthy. It’s a lie, your actions need to match your words. And see sometimes people think what they are saying is true. We can trick ourselves sometimes into thinking something is true when it’s actually not true. And a way of finding out if something is true is seeing if your actions match your words. See a guy could be telling himself he misses me and then puts no effort into talking to me. I am sorry dude, you may think you miss me but you don’t.

I have been told over and over and over, “I’m just too busy, I can’t talk to you.” And they say this for days. The only way that is true is if you are busy from the second you wake up to the second you go to sleep. That is the only way you are too busy to talk to me. There are so many quotes about how if a person really wanted to talk to you they would. It’s about your priorities. And that is so, so true. One of my priorities in life is watching some TV, cause it relaxes me. So lets say I am super busy one day and I put watching some TV into my busy day plan cause it is important for me. If I really missed someone and truly wanted to talk to them I would fit talking to them in to my day like I fit watching TV.

A lot of dudes I have talked to have playing video games as a priority for them. Which is fine, you do you. So if this guy is really busy one day he may still fit in playing a video game for a bit into his schedule. Because that is a priority for him. That same guy is telling me that he misses me but is too busy to talk. Dude, if you really missed me and wanted to talk to me you would put me as a priority and fit me into your schedule as you do with things such as video games. You don’t freaking miss me that much.

I am so, so sick of this. Either they are lying to me or they are lying to me and themselves. If I miss someone I will find time to talk to them. Period. I will. Even if I am busy from the moment I wake up to the moment I fall asleep I will fit in a time to talk to that person. It is called priorities man. I don’t have to be one of your priorities, that is fine. Then just don’t lie to me and say you miss me. If you don’t miss me enough to talk to me then you don’t miss me. Your actions need to match your words for something to be true. If those actions ain’t matching those words then those words ain’t true and you should not be saying them.

-Emily Grace (eroxursox)

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