Your Girls’ Period

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Guys don’t understand how horrible our period is. Some girls don’t even understand, cause some girls periods are way worse then others. But my period sucks. I am not one of those girls who are like, “what’s the big deal? It’s just your period.” It’s not JUST our period, it’s evil. So this post is for the girls who have horrible periods like me, and for their dudes.

I get annoyed at guys when I am on my period. Not because I’m all hormonal or any of that shit. It’s because they just don’t understand. They can’t understand, they are like incapable of understanding. We have blood never endingly coming out of our private area for days. Our hormones are going freaking crazy, and our whole body hurts. And this happens to us every single month for like forever. Guys have nothing like that. I am not saying they don’t have their own issues, they do. But they don’t have anything like a period that would help them understand our period. And it is beyond frustrating for me.

When I am on my period I need my guys attention more then normal, I need his love. And I never get it. They just think, “Oh she has her period, that sucks but she’s fine, she has this all the time.” Yes I have it all the time, but no I am not fine. You don’t just get used to your period. It doesn’t just get easier. Sometimes it actually gets harder cause our bodies change and shit. Don’t think we are just used to it and it’s no big deal. If you think it’s no big deal I will punch you. Just because it doesn’t mean I am dying does not mean it’s no big deal. Again I would like to say, we’re bleeding out of our private area. Our hormones are going crazy, and our whole body hurts. We are not ok!

I get so pissed off when a guy thinks I am ok when I am on my period. I’m not ok. Yes I may only be sad because of stupid ass hormones but that doesn’t make it ok that I am sad. You don’t get to ignore my sadness cause it’s only because of my period. I’m still sad, I’m still crying, I’m still low key wanting to die. That’s not ok. Don’t think I am ok.

And you guys have no idea how luck you are that you don’t have a period. Like if you are not aware of how lucky you are then don’t talk to me. You’re lucky.

This is how I think it should be and everyone should agree. When your girl has her period you have your period too. Once you have a girl you officially have your own version of a period. This means that since your girl is bleeding out of her private area, has insane hormones and her entire body hurts. That means you are in pain too. You need to cheer her up, you need to buy her chocolate, you need to hug her, you need to tell her you love her endlessly, you need to run to the store to buy her chips. A girl gets unfairly “punished” by the world when she gets her period. So if you really love her and want to help her, you should go through the “punishment” with her.

When she is up all night crying her eyes out for no reason, you should stay up with her. You know what, she is staying up crying, she’s bleeding, her hormones are going insane, and her body hurts. All you have to do is stay up. You’re not crying, your hormones are fine, your whole body doesn’t hurt, and you can’t stay up with her? BE A FREAKING MAN. You only have to do 1 out of those 4 things. You just have to stay up. You don’t have to be in pain or be bleeding or be crying. You just have to love her. Can’t you do that? We aren’t ok.. We need you.

And if you can’t be there for us when we’re going through our evil time, then don’t try to be with us when we’re having a good time. You shouldn’t get to be all happy and perfect when your girl is feeling horrible. Like come on.

-Emily Grace (eroxursox)

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